How to use FaceTime online

How to Use FaceTime Online?

Apple always has the latest technology tools when we speak about the apps. FaceTime is such amazing software manufactured by the Apple Inc. for its users. FaceTime is an audio-visual tool for communicating among its users. FaceTime App is available only on devices like iOS, iPad, and iPod Touch. When speaking about the quality of video calling, FaceTime app will lead the market as millions of Apple phone users are using this app for online video calling across the world.


With FaceTime for PC you can access absolutely for free. Ever since it was released FaceTime is going high in the market of technology. Before discussing about how to use this app online, let us first read the advantages.

Unique Advantages of Face Time

Face Time offers many outstanding and unique advantages which are especially for the iOS devices. Some of the advantages we will be reviewing below.

  • This app is especially for the Apple users and not compatible on other devices.
  • This app only works if you have a Wi-Fi or cellular data network.
  • There is no other alternative way for the windows user to make a FaceTime call. Therefore you need to have an Apple device as FaceTime call can be generated only between iOS devices.
  • With the help of this app you can contact any of your dear ones through video chatting from anywhere. You only need to enable your app and enjoy video chatting.
  • If your device is do not support iOS then you will be struggling with low quality video calling as this FaceTime app has superb HD video quality.
  • With the help of this app you can disconnect the current call and you will be able to accept the incoming call or either you can decline the incoming call.

How to use FaceTime online?

Using FaceTime online is quite easy and simple. You only need to follow some guide which we will be discussing in this article. If your device is not related to iOS or Apple then there is no way to get the benefits of this app as it is pre-installed app. You cannot download this app from any device because Apple has performed some strict ways as their softwares are designed only for their apple users.

To use this app firstly visit your phone settings and tap the FaceTime icon. Below you will have to register your E-mail address. Phone number has been automatically registered, sign in and start calling anyone whose device is compatible with yours.

To make a call with this app you need to have a secured data or Wi-Fi connectivity. Enter the phone number or E-mail address you wish to make a video call. Or if you have already saved the person’s number in your contact list then just click on it and enjoy face to face chatting.

To use FaceTime calling online is superb and if your device is not related to any Apple or iOS then there is no way to use this app. However, you can also use other alternatives which have the similar features like FaceTime app.