ShowBox vs Terrarium TV: What works and what doesn’t

ShowBox vs Terrarium TV is the classic battle of the underdog versus the giant. There are certainly a lot of similarities, especially since the latest versions of both eliminated several characteristic features. But there are several features in both of them that set them apart from each other, as well as place them much higher than other run of the mill apps.

showbox latest apk

What’s good about ShowBox:

ShowBox has recently come out with a new edition of its apk, ShowBox 4.82. There were some major changes introduced in 4.81, and this one followed soon after, ironing out the wrinkles.

The biggest change has been in the layout of the movie details that precede the playing. There used to be several buttons you could use to change the server, subtitles or media player format. These options are now available in a menu button located next to the resolutions available. It definitely cuts the time you waste scrolling. There also seems to be a trend to include the download button on the page, so maybe we won’t have to rush after download apps to trick the app to download the movie.

What isn’t so good about ShowBox:

The major problem remains the lack of proper subtitles. Firstly, you need to login to Open Subtitles to get subtitles. But they aren’t the best subtitles around.

Another issue people continue to face is the lack of support for Chromecasting videos to the big screen. You have to uninstall MX Player and install GrowBox instead.

Why Terrarium TV is better:

Terrarium TV is undeniably the app that makes the biggest impression, with its huge content library and the sheer number and variety of links. The app is arguably easier to use thanks to the solitary menu that can be launched by pressing Play on any movie or TV show’s page. There are also more subtitles available, thanks to the four subtitle services built in, none of which require you to sign up with them.

The Flaws in Terrarium TV:

That said, the recent updates to the app have in fact worsened it. There are far too many ads as compared to the previous versions. The developer has introduced a premium version which gets rid of the ads, but has no added features. The pace on content being made available has definitely slowed down, looking at how the latest Harry Potter franchise hasn’t made it to the app in a decent print.

I tend to prefer ShowBox over Terrarium TV, despite the comparatively lacking content library. The app is much more streamlined, and there are mods for the recent version as well as the old 4.72. Which of the two, if at all, do you prefer? Is there a third app you would recommend? Tell me in the comments below.


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