Paying using Aadhaar Cards

Paying using Aadhar Cards: a Tutorial

After the great economic crisis – demonetisation, government has now planned a cashless society, city, and a country. Whether you’re an employee in an MNC or a street food vendor, Aadhar card, paytm and BHIM are the most vital things you should have.

As you know India is becoming cashless. In this process, many e-wallets companies like BHIM, Freecharge, and PayTm have grown exponentially. You can easily pay monthly payments, salaries and day to day bills through these applications. You just have to enter your debit or credit card number and CVV code in the required area, and your bills will be paid without having any tension of carrying hard cash in your wallet.

This initiative will definitely aid government to deal with black money menace, corruption, as well as bring more transparency in financial transactions.Paying using Aadhaar Cards

How to pay money through Aadhar card number?


AEPS (Aadhar enabled Payment System) is a machine known as Micro ATM. The machine is similar to POS machine where you used to swipe debit or credit cards for payments purposes. The only difference is that the Micro ATM machines accept payments through eAadharcard number and your fingerprint.

How does it work?

If a merchant’s needs to accept payments through its customers, first they need to enter their Aadhar card number and the amount in the machine. The whole procedure should be completed on a touch interface that is quite simple.

To authenticate the payment amount and Aadhar card number, the customer can check the details entered. As confirmed, customers need to use their fingerprint to complete the payment process. Soon the payment will be deducted from the customer’s bank account directly.

Aadhar pay Merchant application

Like freecharge or PayTm, merchants can accept payment via a mobile application. Aadhar pay merchant application is a recent launch in the market. So let’s see the payment procedure through mobile application:-

  • To receive payments, merchants needs to register on the application by using their Aadhar card number and fingerprint confirmation.
  • To accept payments, merchants needs to enter customers Aadhar card number, bank name, and amount to be deducted.


  • Continue or reject option will be made available for merchants in case of emergency. However, once chosen to proceed it’s difficult to go back.
  • Payments need to be authorized by customers fingerprint.

customers fingerprint

  • After a successful authentication, the money will be transferred from the customer’s account.

Final verdict

Payments through Aadhar card are not only cashless but also cardless. So whether you want to go shopping or pay your outstanding bills – Aadhar pay merchant application and Micro ATM are at your disposal.

Without carrying hard cash in your pocket, you can easily shop and enjoy the feel of cashless, cardless, and pinless India.