5 Best Material Design Apps 2017

Material Design is debuted as an Android app, and there are tons of different Material Design Applications available in Android. With our list of five Best Material Design Apps in 2017, you will be able to get the best out of the several Material Design Apps for your phone. Make your phone by Material Design with the best features of these apps.

Here we have discussed the best apps for the year 2017.


The Snapseed app is an entirely free app which is now owned by Google. Why is Snapseed an amazing Material Design app? It has the fantastic features for manipulation of the photos. Snapseed can turn any ordinary photograph with its various features from the core tuning to the advanced editing features such as the lens blur and repairing of the spot. Material Design UI is a new feature in it which makes it more like part of Android.

Field Trip

The Field Trip app is the best app to have with us when we are traveling. If you are going to some new place for a voyage, this app will ping about the details regarding the place. The details about the place include the particulars of the historical sites in the area, restaurants nearby, or the places that are not available in the Google search or the Yelp. Field Trip helps you get the amazing experience of the new place that you are going to discover with fewer worries.


Houzz app won the “best app” in the Google play Awards, and Houzz is the best app for interior design allowing one to check several templates for the house. One can see and plan the templates for the interior of the house for renovation. The best part about the app is that Houzz is completely free of cost. Other than that Houzz features many ideas for the interior décor of your house. And it has a simple as well as the efficient layout of Material Design.


With the Robinhood app, one can trade the stocks, you can buy or sell the stocks, and it is free as well. The app shows the statistics of the stock market, the market information, marketing quotes, the charts, and other relevant information regarding the stock markets. It might sound very complicated, but the app has simple and made a bet use of the Material Design. At the Google Play App Awards, Google gave the title of “Best use of Material Design” to the app.

Runtastic Running

Runtastic Running is a fitness monitoring app specially made for the runners. You can map your running path, keep the log of the running, as well as share it with your friends. The app is well designed and features the live tracking. The app has a feature to pause when one stops their workout called the autopause feature. It has the Material Design and a fun app to have on your phone if you like running.

Many of these apps still don’t have the new updated standard yet. All the best features and related specialties are filled in these.